Every Sunday
10:00 a.m.

It's okay to show up late and okay if you need to leave early.

What Worship Means

Worship is a way we stay close to God and maintain a relationship appropriate to God being our Creator and Lord. It is the time-tested way to offer our thanks and praise to God while also being refreshed in our faith and spirit.


Worship at Tecumseh UMC is multi-generational with a mix of formal and informal elements and traditional and contemporary styles. Ancient and modern mix in a way that connects us with Christians throughout history yet avoids being "otherworldly."

Music covers a wide range from hymns accompanied on our magnificent organ to praise songs backed by guitar to handbells.

Hospitality & Inclusiveness

Everyone is welcome to participate in worship, and this includes Holy Communion.

Handbells on 19 March

Sunday, 27 April 2017

Worship As If No One Were Watching
Part 2 of our series from Five Practices of Fruitful Churches. God deserves nothing less than our passionate worship. And worship is almost always where people first experience a church. When worship leaders and a worshiping congregation are fully engaged and giving God their best, amazing, transformative things can happen.

Another Sunday . . .

Heirloom Earth (orginally scheduled for 20 August)
What world will we leave our children and their children? In light of warmongering across the Pacific, partisan violence here at home, verification that we are accelerating climate change, and many other concerns, we must ask, Will we force our descendants to pay for our sins "to the thousandth generation"?

Hopeless? . . . Not in God's world! Yes, there is hope.