Vital Church Initiative (VCI) - Information & Documents

VCI is a collaborative consultation process used to increase a church's vitality and growth potential that involves study of current challenges facing mainline churches and best practices for meeting those challenges. During the process a church, with the guidance of a consultation team, takes a deep look at itself and how well it is meeting Christ's command to "Go and make disciples of all nations." The centerpiece of VCI is a visit by a consultation team who has studied the church, interviews church leaders, and reports to the church their observations along with several prescriptions for things the church can do to be a church with greater spiritual vitality, better vision of its mission and ministry in the world, and more effective outreach to the unchurched in the church's surrounding community.

Tecumseh UMC is currently in the 3rd phase of the VCI process, which means we are working our way through the prescriptions we received from the VCI consultation team.


Tecumseh UMC Consultation Report

Prescription Implementation Timeline


Consultatnts' Answers and Corrections

Vision & Values Workshop

Workship Notes

Most Important Values list of values

Projects and Tasks

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