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Online Church

Providing a connection to Tecumseh UMC
This page provides information, worship resources and podcasts, Pastor Mark's communications, and more to help congregants, friends, and guests be more connected to Tecumseh UMC while unable to visit the church building.


Worship Service - 29 March 2020

The inspiration for this Sunday's worship podcast comes from an awkward pairing of the Coronavirus pandemic and the onset of spring, which for Michiganders means lake season is coming soon. If this makes no sense at all, check it out on Sunday morning when the podcast is posted right here.

Worship Service - 26 March 2020

Click here for a bulletin/program for the 26 March 2020 worship podcast.

Worship Service - 22 March 2020

Click here for a bulletin/program for the 22 March 2020 worship podcast.

Worship Service - 18 March 2020

Communications & Letters from Pastor Mark

15 March 2020 -- a Reflection on Fasting, which was to be the morning's sermon.
Coronavirus & Church - Pastoral Letter - where we are on Monday 16-Mar-2020
Pastoral Letter #2 of the Coronavirus age - what it looks like on Friday 20-Mar-2020

The Lord's Prayer (contemporary)

Our Father in heaven,
 help us to honor your name.
Establish your kingdom,
 so that everyone on earth will obey you,
 as you are obeyed in heaven.
Meet our needs with enough for today.
Forgive us our wrongdoing against you,
 just as we forgive those who have wronged us.
Keep us from temptation and protect us from evil.
For yours is all power, glory, and grace.

Prayer Chain

Especially while we need to avoid gathering in church, we are maintaining our Prayer Chain, which takes prayer concerns and requests and distributes them around the congregation by phone and text.

If you wish to place a prayer request or concern on our prayer chain, please contact either Deb (ph: 517-423-6004) or Bonnie (ph: 517-902-5217). Please keep your request brief. If the request concerns someone with a medical issue, please maintain that person's confidentiality and avoid sensitive details about the concern. Rest assured, God knows what they are.

To protect the hopitalized (and himself), Pastor Mark will not make hospital visits until the danger of passing along the Coronavirus has passed. He will be praying for those who are ill, facing surgery, or in recovery, so please let him know when someone is in the hospital. And, although he cannot be there in person, he can call, so pass along a phone number as well.

The Offering - a Response to God's Generosity

If we were gathered in worship, we would pass the offering plate, giving all an opportunity to respond to God's extravagant generosity and grace by giving to suppoprt to the works of God through Tecumseh UMC. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

You may mail your offering (if you have offering envelopes, please use them) to the church. Our address is Tecumseh United Methodist Church, 605 Bishop Reed Dr., Tecumseh MI, 49286

We are looking into ways to give through our website and hope to implement something to do this soon.

Online Meetings and Classes using ZOOM

The links below are connect to online meetings or classes using ZOOM. If you have not yet used ZOOM you will need to download and install the ZOOM application using the link found underneath ZOOM Setup and Usage

[ links will be here when available ]

ZOOM Setup and Usage

To participate in a an online meeting or class, you will need to install the ZOOM application on your PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can download the installer from ZOOM here.
Select from either
Zoom Client for Meetings if you are using a laptop or desktop PC,
one of the buttons under Zoom Mobile Apps for your Apple or Android device.

After installing the ZOOM application, clicking on a meeting invitation found on this webpage or in an email will run the application and link you to the meeting. Once there, enable your camera and microphone. You can turn them on and off during the meeting. To mute the mic on your PC or laptop, press ALT-a, and do the same to turn it back on.

Join us in offering prayers for all who are affected by the Coronavirus.

As a place where people gather, we are closely monitoring the spread of Coronavirus and will do all we can to be safe, which includes following the science-based recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health. We recommend that everyone concerned about this growing health concern be well-informed and prepared and to help with this check out these links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Institutes of Health
Michigan Area Bishop's Statement Regarding the Coronavirus
Michigan Conference Alert
Bishop Bard's recommendation to suspend church gatherings
Michigan Conference Health Crisis Toolbox - links to helpful resources churches can use now

We didn't want to but did so anyway, first out a concern about the potential spread of the Coronavirus among a vulnerable congregation, then with the request of our bishop, and finally when Michigan's governor announced severe restrictions on the size of gatherings.
How long will we need to avoid meeting in groups? At this time, we do not know.