Wednesday 11/28 - 12/19 12:00 & 7:00pm - Advent Study

Advent Study

Saturday 12/15 1:00-3:00pm - Fresh Food Initiative FREE Food Distribution

FFI Food Distribution

Sunday 12/16 10:00am - Worship

Prepare the Way: DO --- Preparing for Christ at Christmas is about more than trimming a tree, decorating for the season, or even setting up the Christmas village. It is about more than cueing up Christmas music playlists and holiday parties. The scriptures for this Sunday ask us to prepare the way through action that meets real needs around us. And by giving to others we find joy to add to the joy already a part of the season.

Chirstmas carol sing this Sunday!

Sunday 12/23 10:00am - Worship

Prepare the Way: WELCOME --- Christmas is almost here! While we prepare to welcome family and friends to our homes for Christmas, it is time to prepare the welcome and hospitality of our hearts for the arrival of Christ once again.

Monday 12/24 CHRISTMAS EVE 7:00pm - Worship

Prepare the Way: ARRIVE --- The fulfillment of all the hopes and expectations, from those of ancient time to just yesterday, happens with Christ's birth and the proclamation of its good news to shepherds in a field outside Bethlehem. We will celebrate through scripture and song, candlelight, and wonder.

Come and worship! Come and celebrate!

Sunday 12/30 10:00am - Worship

Prepare the Way: SEARCH --- Working off the story of Mary & Joseph searching for Jesus who was in the temple, we will reflect on how we too search for Jesus even though we know where to find him. For some, the search is to find something new in their relationship with God and for others if is to find what may have been lost or misplaced.

And, yes . . . more Christmas carols!

Sunday 1/6 10:00am - Worship

Prepare the Way: FIND --- This Sunday we accompany the magi who found Jesus after a long journey and responded to their discovery with worship.

We are having Communion this week, too (all are invited who seek or love Jesus Christ and are at peace with their neighbors regardless of church affiliation).