Living Faithfully

Adult Sunday School - Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church

In March of 2019, a special General Conference (the denomination's governing body) has been called to determine the future of The United Methodist Church (UMC) with regard to how it addresses issues of human sexuality. Since 1972, the UMC has been especially conflicted over its stance on homosexuality within the clergy and, more recently, whether to allow its clergy to perform same-sex weddings.

In preparation for the upcoming General Conference an adult Sunday School class is being offered that will explore the issues involved using the book Living Faithfully: Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church. Come and be a part of this important and timely discussion.

All class sessions take place on Sunday following worship. All study material is provided--just show up.

Class Schedule

1. Introduction and Background, including The Way Forward report and 2016 General Conference Sept 23
2. Is the Practice of Homosexulaity Incompatible with Christian Teaching? Oct 7
3. Is Same-gender Marriage Compatible with Christian Teaching? Oct 14
4. Is Ordaining Practicing Homosexuals Compatible with Christian Teaching? Nov 11
5. Where Are We Now? (the options ahead of the UMC) Nov 25


How to Have a Courageous Conversation -- this is a booklet created by the UMC's Discipleship Ministries general board. It is provided to help the reader to constructively engage in a conversation likely to be difficult.
The United Methodist Church's current position on homosexuality.
The final Report of The Commission on The Way Forward.
A summary of the three options documented in the Commission report with a few words about the 2019 General Conference.

Human Sexuality & The UMC - Session 1 - Material is listed above.
Human Sexuality & The UMC - Session 2.
Human Sexuality & The UMC - Session 3.
Human Sexuality & The UMC - Session 4.
Human Sexuality & The UMC - Session 5.