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Welcome to Tecumseh UMC Online

Christ's compassionate community in Tecumseh; loving and serving prayerfully and unconditionally

Come and Visit!

Come as you are to worship on Sunday at 10:00am.

We are located on the north side of Tecumseh at
605 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh
Call us at (517) 423-2523

Our next fresh food distribution is Saturday 21 September, 1:00-3:00pm or until the food runs out.

A NEW FFI flyer and graphics are available - get yours now!

Sunday 22 September 10:00am Worship

The Grace of Forgiveness -- Why We Need It -- The first of a 4-part sermon series about the Christian practice of forgiveness. We'll begin by answering the obvious question, We aren't bad people, so why do we need forgiveness? The Apostle Paul will help with this one by speaking to us out of Romans 7:14-24.
We're also indulging in a hymn sing, too.

Sunday, September 22 at 7pm -- Don't Miss This!

Sunday 29 September 10:00am Worship

The Grace of Forgiveness -- What it Means to Forgive -- The second part of our series about Christian forgiveness, we'll look into how to forgive well and in a healthy way.

Sunday 6 October 2019 10:00am Worship

The Grace of Forgiveness -- What it Means to Be Forgiven -- Being forgiven is not meant to be a passive experience but one that should invoke a response. And it's not all that easy, but help is available.
This is also World Communion Sunday, which we will take part in as we celebrate Holy Communion, which is open to all who seek or love Jesus and are at peace with others.

Sunday 13 October 2019 10:00am Worship

The Grace of Forgiveness -- Forgiveness the Holds the Community Together -- Forgiveness is one part (maybe the most important) but not the only part of the dynamics of a healthy community (like . . . a church).
As the 2nd Sunday of the month, it is the Sunday we put a little focus on mission work and bless the giving of goods to be distributed by the Tecumseh Service Club. This Sunday, the highlight item is diapers -- buy 'em and bring 'em in . . . lots of 'em!

Coming October 19 --

We welcome YOU . . .

. . . no matter your age, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, how you are dressed, what you are struggling with (including addiction), or whatever else makes you think the church might reject you. We won't! And, you are welcome if you are a doubter, believer, or just not sure.

If you've been hurt by a church or just hurting, come and give us a chance to help you find God's healing.

Come if you seek to know and share the love of God we know in Jesus Christ.

Children are welcome, too. Let them get into the middle of things and make some noise!