You Are Welcome at Tecumseh UMC!


Join us for worship indoors on Sundays at 10:00am

About the Coronavirus: We follow local, state, and CDC requirements and guidelines. At present, you do not need to wear a face mask in the church if you have received your COVID-19 vaccination.

Or Join us for worship online anytime
We podcast worship services. Check it out!

Sunday 16 May 2021-- CLICK HERE for a printed program.

TecumsehUMC · 2021 - 05 - 16 Worship Podcast

Sunday 9 May 2021-- CLICK HERE for a printed program.

TecumsehUMC · 2021 - 05 - 09 Worship Podcast

Do you know someone who does not have access to the internet? They can dial 517-208-0087 on their phone to hear the latest worship podcast.

Visit In-person or Online

We are located at
605 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh MI 49286
Phone 517-423-2523 or Email tumc[at]tc3net.com
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We Are Changing Pastors

Pastors in The United Methodist Church are itinent--they serve a church for a while then move on as their gifts and graces for ministry are needed elsewhere. After eleven years, our current pastor, the Reverend Mark A. Miller will be leaving to serve a three-church charge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. His pastorate here will end on June 30, 2021. Succeeding Pastor Mark will be the Reverend Doctor Douglas Obwoge, an ordained Elder in the Kenyan Methodist church who has served elsewhere in Michigan. He will be Tecumseh UMC's pastor beginning July 1, 2021. We look forward to receiving Rev Obwoge as our next pastor.

Tecumseh Fresh Food Initiative

Our next fresh food distribution is Saturday 19 June 2021 with drive through pickup beginning at 12:00pm

We welcome YOU . . .

. . . no matter your age, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, how you are dressed, what you are struggling with (including addiction), or whatever else makes you think the church might reject you. We won't! And, you are welcome if you are a doubter, believer, or just not sure.

If you've been hurt by a church or just hurting, come and give us a chance to help you find God's healing.

Come if you seek to know and share the love of God we know in Jesus Christ.

Children are welcome, too. Let them get into the middle of things and make some noise!