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Welcome to Tecumseh UMC Online

Come and Visit!

Come as you are to worship on Sunday at 10:00am.

We are located on the north side of Tecumseh at
605 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh
Call us at (517) 423-2523

We welcome YOU . . .

. . . no matter your age, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, how you are dressed, what you are struggling with (including addiction), or whatever else makes you think the church might reject you. We won't! And, you are welcome if you are a doubter, believer, or just not sure.

If you've been hurt by a church or just hurting, come and give us a chance to help you find God's healing.

Come if you seek to know and share the love of God we know in Jesus Christ.

Children are welcome, too. Let them get into the middle of things and make some noise!

This Week . . .

This Sunday at Worship--Worship this Sunday will not only give praise and thanks to God but hold vigil for the delagates and dialogue in session at General Conference 2019. Our focus will be on the one thing we can do for GC2019: prayer.

For more, see the Worship & Events pages

Coming Soon . . .

Wednesday 6 March - Ash Wednesday--We begin Lent with worship on the evening of Ash Wednesday. Included in the service we will receive ashes as a sign of the penitent nature of the season.

Sundays throughout Lent we will explore what it means to stray from and return to God. In other words, we'll explore the issues around our relationship with God when it's going well and when it isn't.

Holy Thursday 18 April 7pm--As we remember the Last Supper, the Passover meal that Jesus ate with his disciples on the night before his execution, we will join at the table for a special communion service. Our open table welcomes all who love or seek Jesus and are at peace with their neighbors.

Good Friday 19 April 6:30pm--We will gather with several other Tecumseh churches to share in worship that remembers the moment of Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

EASTER Sunday 10am--It'll be a celebration of the resurrection of Christ! Don't miss it!

Beginning in Lent, BasicFaith is a study of the essential beliefs of our faith. No experience necessary. Click on the graphicfor more information.

Saturday 2/23 => Tuesday 2/26: General Conference 2019
This General Conference has the potential to change The United Methodist Church and is the most important such gathering since the denomination was created in 1968.
We will be following the conference through its live stream and daily news updates. We will also hold a prayer vigil throughout the event.

Info about our weekly events is found on our Events page.