Sunday 10:00am
followed by fellowship time
and Sunday School (fall through spring)
Open table communion 1st Sunday of the month

Where to Find Us

605 Bishop Reed Drive
Tecumseh, MI 49286


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Worship & Events

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Come as you are!

We welcome YOU

no matter your age, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, how you are dressed, what you are struggling with (including addiction), or whatever else makes you think the church might reject you. We won't! And, you are welcome if you are a doubter, believer, Bible reader, or never touched one.

If you've been hurt by a church or just hurting, come and give us a chance to help you find God's healing.

Come if you seek to know and share the love of God we know in Jesus Christ.

Children are welcome, too. Let them get into the middle of things and make some noise!

Coming Soon: Online Groups!

We will soon be offering online Bible study as the first of our online groups. Join in from your home. Great for people who cannot attend one of our small groups in person. Also a great opportunity for our snowbirds to stay connected to their church while away.
As soon as we're ready, we'll let everyone know!

What We Believe

the core, important stuff

There is one God known in Three Persons: transcendent Father, fully human/fully divine Jesus the Christ, and Holy Spirit.

The world is broken and suffering happens. Humans are broken, selfish, neglectful, shortsighted, and too often willful wrongdoers, unable to get ourselves sorted without God's help.

God lived among us as Jesus the Christ who lived, loved, and taught, died, taking upon himself the evil and guilt we could not bear, and resurrected from death in victory over the powers of brokenness, evil, and death. Through Jesus we are offered saving relationship with God. To reject Jesus is to alienate ourselves from God.

Working through numerous writers over centuries, God gave us the Bible, God's self-revelation, which is authoritative for our faith and living.

The church is the community Jesus established to continue his ministry and mission in the world.

God loves you and there's nothing you can do about it.

What We Do

Come and join us!

Our Pastor

. . . The Reverend Mark Alan Miller doesn't look like a pastor, loves to preach, and is passionate about helping people experience the love of God through Jesus Christ, especially during times of crisis.

He received his M-Div from Asbury Theological Seminary after leaving a career as a software engineer and simulation analyst. A graduate of Adrian College, he majored in geology and math, then went on to use neither.

Mark was an atheist, and now is theologically orthodox, Christologically conservative, has a strong social conscience, and is skeptical of politics on all sides.

He is also a multi-instrumental musician (guitar, bass, flutes, sax, keys) who digs jazz (especially fusion), Baroque, various ethnic musics, classic rock, blues, and anything else that sounds good.